KABLOMAR KABLO HAMMADDELERİ SAN. VE TİC. LTD.ŞTİ. is committed to implementing an Integrated   Management System that embraces our Quality,Environmental and Workplace Health & Safety Management Systems to ensure all our products are of the most proficient standard.




Our objectives include



 Comply with legal requirement, customer requirements and demands related to our products,



To exhibit successful performance beyond the standards for continuous improvement through fulfilling legal and other conditions with regards to occupational health and safety,



 Ensure that employees to have a good occupational health and safety awareness and it is to be adopted as joint  responsibility by all workers through training and other activities.



To identify, reduce and eliminate hazards that may lead occupational accidents and diseases,



To ensure effective use of energy and natural resourches,


To prevent scrap and wastes arising from the production process by controlling it in its source, to keep it at minimum level in unavoidable cases and to use it again with recycling, to dispose of non-recyclers in accordance with the laws,


To prevent the emergence of possible emergencies, to be prepared to minimize the risks and impacts of these situations, to identify and communicate effective ways of communication,


To ensure that everyone we interact with from our suppliers, our customers and to our visitors to our trainees is made aware of them within the Integrated Management System and encourage them to comply with the laws and KABLOMAR's Integrated Management System methods and principles.